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March 30, 2012

Our Inspiration: Queen Ann’s Lace

Queen Ann’s lace is a classic and beautiful flower that resembles just what it’s name would leave you to believe–lace.

Lace is a staple in any spring wardrobe, but this year it’s appeared everywhere, including the Valentino spring 2012 RTW runway. Colored lace fabrics–specifically neon brights and pretty pastels–are dominating this season. How will you wear yours?


Misc. Spring 2012 shows featuring colored lace.

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab

Blake Lively in Valentino

Affordable Options(images link to purchase):

Wet Seal

Wet Seal

Wet Seal

Reform by Reformation at Urban Outfitters

Coincidence & Chance Revel at Urban Outfitters

Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters

Silence and Noise at Urban Outfitters

Trend Alert: Ear Cuffs

March 13, 2012

Originally seen in the 80s, ear cuffs are making a big comeback. The cuffs are a no-piercing-nessecary way to sport chains and charms along with simply cute metal twists. This useful trend can be an easy way to roughen up any outfit, or a quick step to taking your day outfit in to the nightlife. Even better? We’re going to show you how to make your own. These are some pictures from Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Diane Kruger runways. The fabulous cuffs will run you $15,000+, but you can get the same coveted looks for free with the right jewlery box.



To make a basic ear cuff you’ll need metal wire for jewelry making and pliers. Optional: Broken jewelry pieces: charms, chains, stud earrings, scrap metal pieces.

Cut a piece of metal wire about 3 1/2″-4 1/2″ with your pliers. The longer the wire is the more curly the cuff will be.

Next you will use flat-nose pliers to make your first curl. To make this easier you want to have the wire as straight as you can and then make the first curl. You can use your fingers to curl it too. The picture on the left can be used to help guide you with the curves in the next step.

This next step is kind of tricky. You’re going to want to make a flat “S” with the rest of the wire. Again, use the picture a guide.

After you get the “S” you will make another curl with the end of the wire.

You will then wrap the side part or “arms” of the wire around something round with the curls vertical. Here we used a skinny marker but you can use a pen or pencil. Try to keep the curls aligned.

This is what your finished product should look like. To put it on just slide the two “arms” around the cartilage of your ear. What’s nice about this is that it is easily adjustable and you can wear it higher up or lower on your ear. There is also no piercing necessary!

We made this ear cuff by using an old earring and an old chain from a necklace. We cut the chain shorter and strung one end through the ear cuff and the other end through the earring hook.

We hope you enjoyed this DIY (: